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GCC Criminal Justice Action Tuesday, December 3rd, 7-8:30 PM

Location: Olivet Institutional Baptist, 8712 Quincy Ave, Cleveland

Greater Cleveland Congregations (GCC) has been working hard mostly behind the scenes to establish mental health centers that would divert people who need help from going into the jail system.  This effort will be brought out into public attention with a major action on December 3rd.  The hope is to get as many people as possible to participate to demonstrate that we stand behind this effort.

Undesign the Redline Tour, Sunday 11/17, 1-3PM at Mt. Pleasant Now

**Follow-up resources from the Undesign the Redline Tour: Click here***

Join SEUCC’s Justice Ministry in learning about our region’s history of discriminatory policies, the lasting impacts, and how we can “undesign” this legacy. We will get a guided tour of this powerful exhibit and share in fellowship. Pizza lunch provided

Date and time: Sunday, 11/17, after church, 1-3PM

Location: Mt. Pleasant Now, 13815 Kinsman Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44120

Please RSVP to the Facebook event!

Action Alert: Tell the Supreme Court of Ohio to adopt the ACLU’s recommendations for bail reform!

Freedom should be free. No one should be trapped in jail because they are poor.

Ohio’s reliance on cash bail has perpetuated a two-tiered system of justice: one for the wealthy and one for the rest of us.

The current system disproportionately punishes and targets Black people and other people of color as well as people from economically disadvantaged communities.

We can’t end mass incarceration without ending the bail system as we know it.

Right now, there is an opportunity for the Supreme Court of Ohio to address bail reform in a meaningful, strategic way – it’s called Criminal Rule 46 – and it provides all state courts with instructions on bail procedures.

Take action and urge the Supreme Court of Ohio to adopt our recommendations for bail reform to strengthen Criminal Rule 46!

Cleveland Heights Municipal Court – Warrant Amnesty Day

Time and location: Courtroom 1 at 40 Severance Circle, Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118, on Thursday, November 14, 2019, from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

The Cleveland Heights Municipal Court Warrant Amnesty Day will allow individuals with misdemeanor traffic or criminal arrest warrants to return to the Court without being arrested in exchange for an agreement to complete and comply with any Court Orders.

Representatives from the Ohio Bureau Motor Vehicles, Cuyahoga County Job and Family Services, Legal Aid Society of Cleveland, and Ohio Means Jobs will also be present to assist individuals with driver’s license reinstatement, applying for financial, food, medical, and childcare assistance, expungement navigation, and workforce development and job training referrals.

Any individual with a misdemeanor warrant issued by the Cleveland Heights Municipal Court more than forty-five days before the Amnesty Day is eligible. Warrants for both traffic and criminal cases, warrants issued for the failure to appear, failure to pay fines and costs, and failure to comply with probation are all eligible. Felony warrants and warrants from other courts are not eligible for amnesty.

Only the first 200 individuals may be seen, so be sure to come early.

From The Coalition to Stop the Inhumanity at the County Jail:

Click here for the Action Kit to Demand a JUST Justice System

Servolution Letter Writing Campaign!

Please join us in writing letters to elected officials as part of Servolution! See below for 8 ideas and links.

1. Tell County Officials that people with mental illness should get treatment, not get sent to jail.

County Executive Armond Budish has proposed funding in the next County budget for a mental health diversion center.  This would allow police to take people suffering from mental illness and addition somewhere where they can get treatment instead of jail. Jail is the worst place for people with mental illness, and nine people have died recently in Cuyahoga County jail due to overcrowded conditions.

Email Armond Budish: Copy the text below and paste it into the email form here.

To Email Council Members: Find your District here. Find your Councilmember’s contact info here. Copy the text below and use it in your email.

Write: Dear County Executive Budish  /  Dear Councilwoman ____ ,

I applaud the recent budget proposal that includes money for a mental health diversion center.  Jail is the worst place for people struggling with mental health issues. I urge you to ensure that the diversion center is pre-booking, to avoid further trauma to those with fragile mental health.  I believe such a center would help to reduce jail overcrowding and help people get the treatment they need.

Thank you for your work on this issue.


2. Tell Governor DeWine to Do Something about Gun Violence

After the Dayton mass shooting, Governor DeWine proposed a plan to reduce gun violence, but since then, he has changed his mind and weakened the proposed legislation, backing away from universal background checks and red flag laws that would keep guns out of the hands of people known to pose violent threats.

Email Governor DeWine. Copy the text below and paste it into the email form.

Write: Dear Governor DeWine,

In the wake of Dayton and other mass shootings, you committed to “do something” about gun violence.  As a person of faith and as your constituent, I urge you to stand by your commitment.  We need universal background checks, red flag laws, and all actions that can prevent more people from dying from guns.  People’s lives are at stake and depend on you.  Your responsibility to protect the people of Ohio and your moral obligation to save lives should come before your allegiance to the gun lobby.


3. Take a stand against LGBT discrimination in Ohio. Ask Ohio’s legislators to pass the Ohio Fairness Act, which protects LGBT people from getting fired or denied housing or services just because they are LGBT.

Option 1: Call Speaker Householder and ask for him to support the Ohio Fairness Act.  Call 614-426-0625 and leave a message:

“Hi, my name is ______ calling from [City, zip code].  I’m calling to ask you to support the Ohio Fairness Act.  I believe discrimination against someone just because they’re gay, bisexual or transgender is wrong.  This issue impacts many Ohioans, and we need you to take action.  Thank you.”

Option 2: Call Represenative Hillyer and thank him for his bipartisan support of the Ohio Fairness Act.  He is a conservative who has voiced support and is now facing criticism from conservatives.  Let him know he’s doing the right thing.  Call 614-877-8552 and leave a message:

“Hi, my name is _____ calling from [City, zip code].  As a person of faith and someone who believes discrimination is wrong, I’m calling to thank you for supporting the Ohio Fairness Act.  Your stance to protect LGBT people from discrimination means a lot to me, and I’m grateful that you’ve taken a stand.”

Option 3: Share your story. If you or someone you know has experienced discrimination because of their LGBT status, share the story here to influence Ohio’s policymakers.

4. Stand up for immigrants and refugees.

Option 1: Tell Congress to keep families together. Click to send an email.

Option 2: Tell Congress to fight against efforts to reject refugees Click to send an email.

5. Tell House Representatives you support Reparations for Slavery.

We will never achieve racial justice in America if this country does not examine the impact of slavery and its legacy – and make strides toward achieving reparatory justice.

Now, we have the power to make reparations for slavery real with H.R. 40, a bill that would set up a commission to examine the institution of slavery and its impact and make recommendations for reparations to Congress.

Click here to send an email.

6. Take a stand against corruption and theft of the resources of developing countries. Ask Congress to pass the Corporate Transparency Act of 2019. 

Financial transparency will make it more difficult to fund corruption, trafficking and criminal activity around the world.  This is a way the US can help people in developing countries by making corruption and stealing public resources through tax evasion more difficult. 

Click here to send an email.

7. Stand up for domestic violence victims.  Ask the Senate to take action on the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2019.

Although the House passed a strong version of the reauthorization (H.R. 1585) months ago, the Senate has refused to take up bill for consideration and a vote. We cannot afford to wait any longer to address violence against women.  This act

  • Closes the loopholes to better protect survivors from violent offenders with dangerous weapons.
  • Increases funding levels for violence prevention programming around the country
  • Strengthens the authority of tribal courts to prosecute violence perpetrated by non-Native abusers on tribal land.

Click here to send an email.

8. Stand with youth and take action on climate. Urge Congress to promote a just and equitable transition to a 100% clean energy economy in order to build a more sustainable future for all.

Representatives have introduced the Clean Economy Act of 2019, a bill that would transition the U.S. to 100% clean energy economy by 2050 and require net zero carbon pollution. The bill would direct the administration and all federal agencies to act toward this urgent, scientifically-based goal by providing protection from the worst impacts of climate change, spur clean energy development, create clean energy jobs and protect public health.  It’s up to congress to pass it.

Click here to send an email.